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Living in Germany

This site has been developed to welcome British newcomers to the experience of living and working in Germany. It might prove useful to people from outside the UK, but please be aware that the law can be different.

We have included tips on what to do before you arrive. what to do whilst you are here and even what to do when you leave. The information contained here comes from various sources. Some of it is from our own personal experience (I have been here for over ten years and Iwish I had known more before I came! But let's face it we learn from our mistakes.)

Hopefully you will find some of the pages here informative, some funny and some just interesting.

In the spirit of the WWW all the information given here is free, we only ask that you try to contribute something if you have any information or tips you can share with others. If you want to support this site's development you can do so through our affiliates, by buying a book or two, or even making a donation. All donations are used to maintain the site.

While this information is put here in good faith to help those people wanting more information about working & living in Germany, no responsibility is taken for its accuracy or liability accepted for its use. In addition whilst we are careful about the links we include on these pages, we cannot take responsibility for the content on external links. We do promise however to remove immediately anything inappropriate or inaccurate once it has been brought to our attention.

Our advice on all matters legal and financial is to always consult an expert.






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